More from Tarabband and Gothenburg opera string orchestra’s live concert at Gothenburg opera house in Sweden. 

🔔 Premiere on Tuesday 28th of May on Tarabband’s official YouTube channel!! 

9 :00 pm Stockholm time 
8:00 pm London time 
10:00 pm Baghdad time 

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YEKHAF - يخاف 
An acoustic live version with @andyhourdakis and @nadin_alkhalidi 

Enjoy the full tune and video on Tarabband’s channel! 
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Recorded live in Malmö, Sweden 2024

An acoustic live version of Yekhaf will be out on Sunday 5th of May on Tarabband’s YouTube channel, times below! 

يخاف - فيديو جديد و نسخة الاستوديو لايڤ , على قناة يوتيوب - يوم الأحد ٥/٥ بتوقيت: 
7:00 pm London time 
8:00 pm Malmö time
9:00 pm Cairo and Baghdad time 

Link to channel and video in bio! 

Yekhaf | I intimidate him 
Music: Andreas Hourdakis 
Lyrics: Nadin Al Khalidi

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Spring 2024 (updated) 

Official statement: 

Tarabband will not participate in the Eurovision week in Malmö. Tarabband always stands for peace, freedom and human rights.
Tarabband is soon back to perform @thejazzcafe 
Saturday the 18th of May!

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نشوفكم في لندن 
١٨ مايو في @thejazzcafe 

🎫 رابط التذاكر في البايو

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